Stablecoins Maxi Portfolio

One click
with Picnic.

Investing in DeFi can be time consuming and complicated. We batch the transactions needed to interact with your favorite protocols so you don't waste time and effort on it.

How it works

Baskets are collections of digital assets

Baskets can contain tokens, liquidity pools and farming assets from a wide range of protocols. You can create your own basket or copy an existing one.

Batched transactions make it easy

We batch transactions to build your positions so you don't have to interact with several different protocols/UIs.

Non-custodial investment

Only the basket owner can access its funds. When you invest in a basket, you receive a financial NFT that is the key of ownership to accessing the invested assets.

Full control and flexibility

Baskets are flexible, which means you, as the creator, can change their allocation. Even if you copy someone else's basket, you remain in full control of your assets.

Picnic: a single UI, a single transaction.

Meet the team

João Ferreira

Co-founder & Developer

Pedro Brandão

Co-founder & Developer

Pury Furtado

Community & Operations

Rafael Queiroz

Product & Design

André Thiessen